Market and vegetarian menu

Our lunch time cuisine from Tuesday to Friday with the intention of offering a combination of dishes cooked by our mother, with groundbreaking recipes and also innovative Mallorcan dishes.

12 € (drinks not included)

CM Menu

It consists of a weekend menu (from Friday night until Sunday midday). We feel just a bit more daring and we offer a more creative cuisine which comes from the in-season nature of the product.

22 € (drinks not included)

Gourmet Set Menu

We love calling this gastronomical offer “true cuisine”. It consists of a six course menu: two starters, one main fish dish, one main meat dish, a pre-dessert and a dessert.

30 € (drinks not included)

Restaurant’s menu

  • Starters

    Squid strips in its ink - 10€

    Streaky bacon and soya sprouts

    Fish tartar - 12€

    Guacamole, flowers and sesame

    Majorcan pizza made of spelt flour - 8€

    with Zucchini, goat cheese and candy onion

    Majorcan pizza made of spelt flour - 8€

    with seasonal products

    Croquettes - 9€

    Hake and spinaches, Chicken and ham, Mushroom and hazelnut o Combination

    Big duck and pork croquette, pears and red wine - 5€ /u

    with pickled vegetables

    Ca’n March salad - 9€

    Baby-Leaf Salad, dates, nuts and Minorcan cheese with mustard vinaigrette

    Zucchini carpaccio - 9€

    Dried tomatoes, anchovies and apples

    Fried egg - 10€

    Black pork sobrassada and chips.

    Artichokes, prawns and sobrassada - 12€

    with apricot marmalade

  • Main courses

    Fish from the fish market - 16€

    Scallion, Majorcan tomatoes, raisins, pine nuts and “Tap de Cortí” (Majorcan red pepper).

    Black ruff - 16€

    Emulsion of potato, red pepper, dried tomatoes and capers

    Veal loin - 22€

    Cream of Minorcan cheese and dried tomatoes with sauteed mushrooms

    Black pork cheeks. - 16€

    Red candy onion and potatoes with vanilla

    Cuttlefish “a la sucia” o “a la limpia” - 14€

    Black garlic allioli and sauteed green vegetables

  • Rices

    Mixed Paella - 12€

    Rice, meat and seafood, typical Majorcan

    Seafood Paella - 15€

    Typical from Alicante

    “Blind Paella” - 12€

    Mixed paella without bones and shells

    Vegetable Paella - 12€

    with vegetables and vegetable broth

    “Distinguished” Rice - 16€

    Typical Valencian rice dish with fish and seafood, without shells and fish-bones

    Lobster Rice - 22€

    as Paella or as Soup

    “Black Rice” - 12€

    Rice with cuttlefish in its own ink

    Rice with rabbit, artichokes and snails - 14€

    Old traditional dish

    (Only with advance order and a minimum of 4 persons)

  • Desserts

    Cheese - 6€

    Cheese of the Balearic Islands with homemade marmalade

    “Sospiro” y “Palo” - 6€

    Mousse of Palo and Sospiro (typical Majorcan cookie)

    Mallorca - 6€

    Sobrassada, figs, ensaïmada and Minorcan cheese

    Combinat - 6€

    Lemon, lemon verbena and Minorcan gin

    Chocochia - 6€

    Chocolate, vanilla, apple and Chia seeds

    “Chocolate, Salt and Oil”- 6€

    with Majorcan virgin olive oil and salt from “Es Trenc”

    Black over Orange - 6€

    Carob bean, orange and roasted almonds

Service, oil and bred 1,50 €

*We prepare our paella, rice dishes and a selection of our best dishes for take away.

*We can also offer you menus for your celebrations (catering service)./p>

Taxes not included

In compliance with and implementation of the European Regulation 1169/2011 on food allergies - which became effective as of 13/12/2014 - we communicate to our customers they have at disposal the list of products or foods included in each dish offered in our menu and likely to cause any allergies.